They shouldn’t!

People across the board ask me to help them because, quite frankly, they are busy.  The life that we live today is faster and more intense.   Even post Covid, if anything life is going to be more challenging and more demanding.

The work given to me isn’t normally that difficult,  but the tasks are delegated and the liaison and communication is virtual.  Busy and productive people are extremely aware of their time.  They have advanced time management skills.

If something is time consuming and they don’t have the resource to do the work or the project, then it makes good business sense to delegate it.

The alternative is that they procrastinate therefore being counter-productive when all the while this could easily have gone to a capable pair of hands to action.

“I can complete a task or take on a project and complete it in hours or days, and that’s because I have spent the past 20 years learning these skills and I have the expertise to deliver, and with excellence too”.

“You pay me for all of this, you don’t pay me for my minutes or hours.

That’s why it’s a no-brainer to get in touch now”.  Debra Armstrong

Here are some examples.


Not many people like writing and even less, have the inclination to write creatively for content.  Whether the writing is for web, newsletters, blog or even email content, I enjoy writing and I am good at it, so delegate the writing and get on with what you enjoy and the end result is double the productivity and the outcomes.

Create member engagement plans with volume & frequency of communication.

I’ve got the templates, I’ve got the know-how.  I’ve created customer plans for different industries and different businesses, big and small.   I’ve got the creative flair.   I familiarise myself with your customer strategy, we reaffirm your business objectives and annual marketing plans and I do the time-consuming creative content for you to agree.   We liaise until you are delighted with the plan that is presented to you.

Social Media content and scheduling

Social Media is fun but not for everyone and, admittedly, it is time consuming.  The platforms also demand a lot of visual input like phots, pictures, videos and infographics.

If you have a dedicated plan and a clear brand strategy and mission then I am able to manage this entire process for you.  Whether this is from account set up or knocking your social media into shape, these tasks should be managed by a third party.  Your brand is on show, your positive and meaningful engagement with your customer is paramount.  Delegate social media to a dedicated assistant who learns to live and breathe your brands message.